Friday, April 16, 2010


There have been new developments on some of the news I have reported in recent months. Here are some quick tidbits on how the pre-production of the reboot of Spider-Man and Mission: Impossible 4 have evolved.

First up, is the highly controversial reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. Most of you know by know that (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb is set to take the reigns of the revamped Spidey franchise. Many think his successful work on the 2009 indie film will not translate when working on an action packed super hero movie like this.

In my opinion, a talented filmmaker (which Webb definitely is) can translate their talents into almost any genre if they collaborate well with the right creative teams. Someone who cares about the superhero franchise and wants to create a good adaptation of a series can make most die hard fans happy. That is, barring that Sony doesn't stand around interfering like Spider-Man 3 and the pre-production for the Raimi-directed fourth installment.

In the reboot, Peter Parker will be in high school, so he obviously needs to be played by a young actor. Early reports have been that Sony and Webb have been looking into Logan Lerman to play the nerdy high school genius. Many hardcore Spidey fans were not pleased with this choice.

However, a report has recently surfaced that Sony is not even considering Lerman for the part at all. Sony said 100% Lerman will not play the part of Parker and is not even on the list of candidates being considered. I don't really think you can be more definitive than that, so Lerman is definitely out.

The new gossip is that Josh Hutcherson could love Mary Jane. No, I don't mean he is taking bong rips with Michael Phelps; he has been rumored to play the role of Peter Parker. Hutcherson is an actor I actually respect and think could play the role well. Hutcherson has starred in Journey to the Center of the Earth, Bridge to Terabithia, and many more notable projects.

Word on the street is that Hutch (can I call ya Hutch?) has been hitting the weights to beef up. This is just speculation, but the 3D reboot needs a Peter Parker soon; the production is set to begin later this summer. A July 3rd, 2012 release date has been announced by Sony.

You also may have noticed, I said 3D reboot. Yaaaaaay. Notice the enthusiasm? The film is most likely to be shot with 3D cameras because the bad reputation and poor success the post production conversion process has rendered. I personally do not care for 3D for the most part because it is a scam for three more of my dollars.

Very quickly, I wanted to discuss a possible break on who will be directing Mission Impossible: 4 because J.J. Abrams definitely will not be filling the director chair. Two time Academy Award winner Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Ratatouille) is seriously negotiating with Paramount to direct this film; a vacancy needing to be filled ASAP with production slated to begin this summer. The movie is set to be released May 27th, 2011. So, in other words, Mission: Impossible needs a director like the Minnesota Vikings need Brett Favre next season.

Notice, the movies from Bird's repertoire are all animated. He needs some live action directing experience. He has been working to get his pet project, 1906, financing from Warner Brothers. The movie is about the destruction of San Fransisco by a catastrophic earthquake in the year 1906. This idea sounds like it could be a dynamic picture, but the studios are reluctant to give a rumored $200 million budget to a director with no live action experience. Enter, Mission: Impossible 4.

As more develops, I will be bringing it to you. Stay tuned.


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