Monday, June 28, 2010


A new Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows trailer will be attached to Twilight Saga:Eclipse previews which hits theaters on Wednesday, but Potter fans are privileged to check the trailer out today online. Earlier in the day, Slashfilm had a layout of new stills from this trailer which I was going to create a post for, but decided to wait until 6 p.m. when the trailer itself was released which you can view after the jump to the full article.

The trailer shows more content than the teaser that debuted at the MTV Movie Awards of course, but I didn't think this trailer did as much to jack me up like the teaser did (a goose bump feeling). This trailer begins with menacing fashion but then is just a mess of images from all over the story bringing no justice to the plot or the huge task Harry is faced with. Not that most Potter fans don't know what is going on, but cut after cut after cut from scenes here and there is more disjointing than interesting. Don't get me wrong, I like to see many of these different elements from the story, but this is not a very good trailer in my opinion.

One particularly disconcerting piece from this trailer is the ending duel between Harry and Voldemort seen above. Why I do not like this stems from the book featuring this tension filled moment playing out in front of all the Potter supporters. This part is the perfect climax to not only the seventh book, but the entire series. Harry boldly instructs none of the bystanders to interfere with his duel against Voldemort, and then proceeds to show the dark wizard the error in his actions and magical understanding. Look above, there are no people but fallen warriors seen surrounding the two. I am not one to want the book and movie to be the same, but that is a crucial element to the scene in the book and writing it differently just seems ignorant. When seeing the final cut it could be different, I am not sure. Hopefully, this type of writing is not a theme of the seventh and eight movies.

Another head scratch-er comes from a short shot of Hermione without blood on her hands. This is strange because an initially released image shows her raised hands covered in blood as she casts protective enchantments over Harry tending to Ron's bloody injury. The first image looks real, gritty, and almost reflects the emotion of the moment better than the digitally remastered second one. Even with the blood possibly not subtracted from the final cut, the perfected image is not as good as the original.

This trailer shows audiences many images from the excess of jaw-dropping scenes constructed by J.K. Rowling in her final book to play out in the next two movies; but the trailer itself is far from great. It does just enough to grab Potter fans' attention until more trailers drop as the November release approaches. Plus, as the end of the trailer dutifully pronounces...its IN 3D!! (sigh)


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