Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Not expecting much out of this movie I was surprised to walk out enjoying much of the showing. MacGruber is definitely not a movie everyone can love. With the right mindset walking in, just to be entertained by moronic humor, an audience could really enjoy this movie.

MacGruber is an SNL skit turned movie, which is surprising considering the almost non-success of the past SNL projects like this one (Superstar, Night at the Roxbury, Ladies Man). Essentially, this movie is a parody of 1980's action flicks, and plays on that cue the entire film. The movie starts with a song that sings, "MacGruber! We made an f**king movie! MacGruber!" Right off the bat, you know this movie is going to be mindless making this MacGruber so easy to watch. It never pretended to be something it was not. Macgruber knows it is borderline retarded, and makes fun of that notion throughout.

Starring in this movie is Will Forte as MacGruber, Val Kilmer as the nefarious villain, Ryan Phillippe as a government agent and assistant to Forte, and the lovely Kristen Wiig to provide the uneasy backup for the unconventional hero. All these actors play their roles to a T, and make MacGruber more entertaining with their performances.

The movie pushes the boundaries of what the audience can handle in two particularly disgusting and raunchy sex scenes. I believe these two scenes personify the movie as a whole and will make or break your enjoyment of the film. The movie has countless other deplorable moments because the writers have no morals (just a thought), but none are near the distaste of the sex scenes.

Overall, MacGruber was much better than I expected. I am a huge cynic when it comes to 80's action movies (because I think most really suck) and these filmmakers poking fun at the terrible-ness of those movies struck a comedic cord in my realm of humor. The movie had plenty of laughs, surprisingly decent character development, a clear story and purpose, and a few moments of "What just happened?"

Is it worth money at the box office? Probably not unless you are looking for that raunchy comedy. Even in that case I recommend you go see Get Him to the Greek. There are better flicks to check out in theaters currently, but if you have seen them all give MacGruber a chance.


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