Saturday, July 31, 2010


I had to watch this video for a class in the spring semester at the University of Minnesota and I thought I would pass it along to my readers. I enjoyed the video so much I made it into a bookmark on my browser. When I saw the bookmark recently, I clicked the link to re-watch it again. The video shows a speech about how social media and technology are changing our world. The speech is from Clay Shirky, an adjunct professor in New York University's graduate Interactive Telecommunication's Program.

While that may not sound real interesting, it definitely is a great watch. The video has a lot of great information and observations to get your brain pondering about the differences social media has on society and how it impacts our world today. He discusses how the media receiver (us) has now become a media producer as well. A perfect example of this is me writing this post for this blog. I no longer have to be a professional journalist working at a newspaper or magazine to produce content for readers to digest. Enough of me blabbing, if you want to check the video out click the link below. Trust me, it is worth a view.


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