Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Want to know the best thing about Inception? This statement is going to stir up some objections, and don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved Inception. But in my opinion, the best thing about Inception is Nolan finally being done with it. That said, the road to the untitled Batman 3 sequel to The Dark Knight begins now. While Nolan hasn't revealed hardly a morsel of information about the highly anticipated third installment, we know for sure the script is near completion and the official release date is July 20th, 2012.

While most of this news is a few weeks old, I thought it was just that important to pass this information along to the avid readers. Ok, so we know for sure is that Nolan himself has not really been involved in many of the proceedings with Batman 3 because of his immersion in the work involving Inception. Nolan has commented on how he is a "one project at a time" type of guy, but the release date of Batman 3 being two short years away is not impractical.

Christoper Nolan has worked with Warner Brothers since his 2002 film Insomnia, and he states "They (Warner Brothers) know me well enough to know what my process is. I do one film at a time. It’s one of my real inefficiencies. As I start to free up on this film (Inception), I’ll be thinking about what to do next."

The acclaimed director has collaborated with his younger brother Jonathan Nolan on many of his films. The two have written the scripts for The Prestige and The Dark Knight together. Jonathan also wrote the short story Memento Mori which his older brother turned into a screenplay and eventually the 2000 cult classic Memento starring Guy Pearce. Jonathan has turned in some pretty impressive written work and he is currently penning the screenplay for the third Batman.

As for Jonathan's progress on the script, Christopher states to the NY Times, "Oh, yeah. He’s been working on a script for a long time. And working very hard. So he tells me."

Christopher Nolan's involvement with the script writing process can be understood better from his interview with MTV News recently where he was asked if he is thinking about Batman 3 already.

“Yes and no I suppose would be the answer,” he said. “We know we’re aiming for 2012 [as a release date]. That’s been talked about. We’re just working on the script, really. My brother [Jonah Nolan] has been hard at work on it for quite some time. It’s based on a story that myself and David Goyer have written.” “I’ve been very completely in this movie,” he said about his work on “Inception,” which arrives in theaters on July 16. “In a couple of weeks, I’ll surface and figure out what I’m doing next and how I’m going to approach it.”

This next bit of news is nothing short of of huge, and I mean huge. I left it down here so you all would have to read that other crap I wrote up above. While no official word has broke from Warner Brothers or the Nolans about the villain for the third Batman, word has hit the internet via FirstShowing that The Riddler will be the nemesis of Batman this time around. The word was given by a reliable source within the studio who laid eyes on the casting grid for Batman 3. 

A casting grid is used in industry to coordinate the schedules of studios, production companies, and casting agencies. This helps the coordinators on film projects to know when actors are available for certain roles in a film. The casting grids are used for the specific purpose of finding available actors to be in movies. The listing of a role on this grid for a movie is a confirmation the character will appear in the film. The Warner Brothers casting grid for Batman 3 featured the role of The Riddler. One of the actors listed to potentially play the role was Nolan's "Point Man" for Inception, Joesph Gordon-Levitt.

JGL would a great fit for this role as his talent as an actor can take him to personify any character written for him. With the minds of the Nolan brothers, I am sure they are cooking up something brilliant for The Riddler. While JGL playing The Riddler is not confirmed whatsoever, the casting grid should be considered a confirmation that The Riddler will indeed be in the Nolan's third Batman. With Inception now completed, let the wait for Batman 3 begin. Of course, tune into the DisputedKnowledge or for all Batman news because we will be all over it like Lindsey Lohan on top of a line of coke. 


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