Tuesday, July 20, 2010



While this movie is not rich in content, it is the exact assimilation of the gung ho blockbuster action movie. The A-Team is almost the definition of mediocrity, but it never leaves the element of entertainment. With that said, this movie is worth seeing, but with the quality of cinema in theaters currently, I'd wait until a DVD rental.

The A-Team is a rehash of the old television series but with new generation Hollywood blockbuster angel dust. The movie has simple, shallow, cliche characters that make this movie easy to follow but difficult to really enjoy anything but the action. The characters of course are based off the television show, but the movie never leaves the basis of these standard cookie cutter pieces. While a movie like this one focuses on the action aspect, I still think at least one character deserves some depth which this film excuses. 

The story is basic but intriguing enough to keep the viewer interested to keep watching until the end. The plot points throughout the movie are easy to guess making this movie short of any surprises which brings me to call out this movie for lack of creativity. The action is over the top and stylized, but you can expect nothing less from the "blockbuster type stank" bursting from the seams of this project. While the action is stylized and perfected, it is nothing short of fun to watch.

The acting is difficult to get around as only a few number of the cast have legitimate talent. Liam Neeson and Sharlto Copley deliver the film's only quality performances. Copley steals the show with his borderline psychotic antics all the while bringing much needed comedic value to the movie. Fresh off his performance as Wikus in District 9,Copley proves his acting talents are not just for the dramatic.

While Bradley Cooper has experience, I personally thought his performance was bland and devoid of any sort of emotion that would attach the audience to his "leading" male role. I say "leading" because this movie is absent of any real protagonist from my estimation. Worst of all was former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson trying his hardest to be an actor. Good thing the mission of the movie didn't revolve around believability of his character B.A., otherwise The A-Team would experience horrendous failure.

Jessica Biel also stars in this movie as Captain Charisa Sosa. Biel is always hit or miss in my book. She has movies where she does a stand up job as a feminine woman in a natural setting (The Illusionist, Summer Catch, Chuck and Larry) and others where she poorly portrays the hot but macho female lead (Stealth, Blade, Home of the Brave). Guess which type of character she plays in The A-Team? Yep, the masculine but sexy member of the military's elite services. Safe to say, she was not very good in this movie either.

Overall, while The A-Team doesn't feature a whole lot of creativity, it is a decent action flick that many adreline junkies could enjoy. It has good purpose, a lightning quick pace, and action so often you can remember little else from the film's content. I am not saying this film is really that bad, I was just hoping for a lot more. A little bit of creativity tossed into the mix and not just a cliche action flick would have done this film wonders. It is a decent effort, but forgettable in most regards.

Check this one out on DVD if you love those blockbuster action flicks but just don't expect much more than shallow entertainment.


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