Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, my hope that Alice Eve would be cast as Emma Frost in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class has been crushed. It was announced via Deadline that January Jones will be playing the character. My disappointment gets worse as I hear Jones has talent on the hit show Mad Men, but appears to be type-cast into her role as Betty Draper on the AMC program. Playing Emma Frost requires a bit a sass, something many devoted movie and comic fans do not think Jones can pull off. Sadly, I have not seen Mad Men. But it is on my list of shows to watch, so sheath your pestering of my failure to watch the show.

Reports a month back had Alice Eve seemingly locked into the role as no other names came up in the discussion to play the part, but apparently "no deal was concluded." Now Jones has now been officially confirmed as the character known as the White Queen. She appears to look the part, but can she deliver it? I am willing to give any actor a chance at a role they can possibly fit into, and this casting doesn't seem too far from the Emma Frost persona.

Matthew Vaughn also revealed that Zoë Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz, will play the role of Angel in his X-Men adaptation. The character Angel is a white male in the comics, and Zoë is dark-skinned. Would Vaughn and Co. change up the character this drastically? My guess is no. The character in reference will probably be Angel Salvadore, a dark-skinned mutant with bug-like powers. The confusion of Zoë playing Angel is kind of funny as her boyfriend is Ben Foster. He played Warren Worthington III, aka Angel, the white male character in X3: The Last Stand.

While I am not 100% pleased about this casting information, it is great to see the final pieces of pre-production being finished up. Shooting starts in London in a few weeks.Stay tuned to DisputedKnowledge for more X-Men: First Class news. 

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