Monday, October 4, 2010


It's been awhile since DisputedKnowledge featured a duo of movie trailers, so here we go. Up on the bill today we have two very different films, but both caught my eye as "must-see cinema." First is an alien flick eerily familiar to Independence Day called Skyline, and the second is a lighthearted comedy called Wild Target which reminds me of The Whole Nine Yards. Interested yet? Check out both trailers after the jump. 

Starting off, we have Skyline, another film where aliens are seeking to eradicate human existence. The cast is essentially made up of no-name actors besides Donald Faison who is best known from Scrubs. The lead in Skyline is the promising talent of Eric Balfour. He was also a television actor on the shows 24 and Six Feet Under. Another face some may recognize from television is David Zayas who plays Angel Batista on Dexter. Zayas was most recently in the overrated action flick The Expendables. I criticized Zayas' poor portrayal of his authoritarian character and his inability to pull off a bad guy role. Hopefully Skyline is a better performance from his end, otherwise his stint on the big screen may be short lived.

Skyline was directed by Colin and Greg Strause, the brothers who directed Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem. The duo is most famous for their credits as special effects gurus; their name is stamped on almost any project with great special effects in the past ten years. As you can derive from the trailer, Skyline is rich in the special effects department working into the Strause brothers favor with their expertise being computer created images. Despite recent legal complications the Strause brothers face regarding their involvement in another alien project called Battle: Los Angeles, Skyline will march on and hit theaters November 12th. Peep the trailer below.

The trailer for Wild Target made me giddy with anticipation. Yeah, I said giddy. The film stars Emily Blunt, an actress I adore for more than just her breathtaking looks. Her acting ability and choice of roles is always something that I have admired most from the 27 year-old actress. Her roles in The Great Buck Howard and The Young Victoria are two performances that allow her superb acting talents to shine through. Neither of those roles however, even compare to the complex and emotionally driven character Norah in one of my favorite movies, Sunshine Cleaning. Put into baseball terms, Emily Blunt knocked that role out of the park.

Alright, enough on my hero Emily Blunt and on to her next film Wild Target. Besides Blunt, the film also stars Bill Nighy and Ron Weasl -ah- I mean, Rupert Grint. As I mentioned a few weeks back my elation when Emma Watson picked up a role post-Harry Potter, I think it's great to see Grint out there doing the same. Wild Target is based off a French film called Cible Emouvante. Despite the serious story lines involved (murders, assassins, fleeing to live), the film appears to have a playful attitude towards it all. The spirited comedy will get a limited release in American theaters October 29th, 2010. A limited release usually means the Midwest will be skipped for showings, so you may have to check this one out on Netflix. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself if Wild Target is worth your time.


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