Sunday, November 30, 2008



I love Vince Vaugh and will see any movie that features him and love Resse in that same respect. With that in mind, I had to see this movie, and was not disappointed when it was over. Definitely no where near a Wedding Crashers or Old School, but funny none the less.

The movie starts off interesting enough with these two's first encounter at the bar. The chemistry between Reese and Vince is very good, but not the best I've seen. They are very believable as a couple who does not want to tie the knot, and just want things to stay how they are while dating. They get stranded at home for Christmas from a vacation and get forced to attend family affairs; and the story develops from there.

A decent script from the comedy aspect, and little weak everywhere else. Vaugh is his typical cynical self, but also showed a softer side that meshed will with his cute blond counterpart. The time spent with the families is by far the most bizarre scenes of this film, especially Jon Favreau. Some of them are just too bizarre to believe, which is a little strange at first. The way that the couple reacts to the over the top situations brings it back to earth because they act as shocked as us the viewer feel watching it.

This film has development of these two main characters as the it moves along making the movie more than just funny. One thing every movie needs is that ending, and Four Christmases delivers. Not the best, but I honestly could not have seen it being any better. If you like romantic comedies, light hearted flicks , or either of these two actors go see it.


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