Tuesday, December 9, 2008



I was not surprised as I left this movie. Typical girl movie with plenty of romance and slow moving scenes featuring long loving gazes between our two main stars. Hunky ghost white boy Robert Pattinson falls for new girl at school, turns out hes a vampire. He is kind of odd looking in my opinion, but I can see why girls like him. I like all the vampire stuff, very interesting dialog and fight scenes pertaining to the "vampirism."

Kind of boring script otherwise, slow moving, and cheesy. I thought it was a little long too. I was bored at the end. I have not read the book, so I am not really sure the tone this "series" has, but it is a little too mushy for me. Acting was kind of cheesy too, but with how the script was I'm sure it could not have been done better. Edward and Bella make a cute couple, but their acting is flat and hardly featured chemistry between the two. Both had a good presence on the screen, problem is they can't act to make that presence valuable to the viewer as the two forced out a poorly composed script. If you are a chick or a romantic, see it. Otherwise, wait for the DVD.

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