Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is my statement before Vikings vs. Cardinals:
All my hopes and dreams are riding on you T-Jack, please help us win!! I don't want to see Gus anymore....and I want to see you succeed!!! We need you to step up!!

These are my thoughts post game:

What a performance by the previous mentioned QB, Tarvaris Jackson. He only attempted 17 passes in the game, but completed 11 of them for 163. By far the biggest stat is what he did with those 11 completions. 4 touchdowns, two of them over 40 yards. Both of those long tosses had to be precision passes, and they were just that from Jackson. 3 of Jackson's touchdown passes came on third down. He did exactly what the Vikings needed. Hand the ball off, take advantage of opportunities the defense gives you, and DON'T turn the ball over. Arguably Jackson's best stat of the day, 0 turnovers. Watching Frerotte manage our offense in the past weeks has made us used to ridiculous turnovers and interceptions.(15 picks on the year) The Vikings ground the Cardinals into submission with the running game, which is the one of the reasons for Jackson's success today. If he is given the start again, his play will have to remain constant when there is less success from the running game. The time when Jackson has struggled most is when Adrian Peterson can't get his feet under him. Today Peterson runs wild, and so does Jackson. These two are going to have to continue to work hard to make each others jobs easier. This game was crucial for the Vikings, win to stay atop the NFC Central. Especially with the Bears victory earlier in the day which keeps them breathing down the Vikes' necks. Jackson has shown he can win when the pressure is on, and make the throws when we need him most. Week 15 showed me one thing....who the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback should be FOR NOW.

Bernard Berrian, doing work.

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