Saturday, December 13, 2008


TO is at it again. You would think I mean one of the most prolific recievers of all time, second in touchdowns all time among WRs, is doing something involving catching a football. Which actually is his job. Well I'm not. What I was referring to is his second job, which is to rip apart football teams. Owens believes he is not getting the ball enough, and tight end Jason Witten is reaping the benefits. At practice, cry baby Owens got into a verbal confrontation with Witten.

The confrontation came a day after a source told ESPN that Owens believes Romo and Witten -- close friends and road roommates -- hold private meetings and create plays without including Owens.

TO is crying because he is not getting the ball enough. I'm not going to lie, I see it too. Witten does get the ball a LOT. Dallas being "Americas Team"(even though 95% of the country could give two shits about the Cowboys) is on national TV every week, and I agree with TO. But does he act like a man, talk to his coaches or even Romo himself?? HELL NO!! He acts like a big baby and whines about it, to the MEDIA!! By doing this it does one thing...split the locker room. Either you agree with him that he is not getting the ball enough, or you hate TO and all black people. We have seen it with the 49ers and the Eagles, where he makes his teammates choose between him or the team. Besides catching a football, this guy has to be borderline retarded. Every team in the league except for Dallas three years ago treated this man like the black plague. Jerry Jones was the only one crazy enough to give him a chance, and it paid off. For two years, and now on to the third. Its all falling back into place. Owens publicly ripping teammates, getting in fights with them, and complaining to reporters. The only thing TO accomplished by his latest childish act is to ensure two things.

1. The Cowboys get destroyed this weekend in probably their most important game of the season against the Giants.

2. Early Retirement. Teams will avoid Owens like showings of The Happening.

Editors note, statement number one proved to be untrue.

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