Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The New York Mets and Fransisco Rodriguez reached a $37 million 3 year deal yesterday. He is regarded as the top closer in the game, and was sought after by many MLB clubs. None more so than the Mets. The Mets lost more games last year while leading after the 7th inning than any other team in baseball. Mets ace Johan Santana was on my fantasy team, so I know foremost. Rodriguez took a lucrative deal that has its biggest perks through incentives. The Mets in two off seasons picked up the number one free agent pitcher last year, and the number one reliever this year. With that they have spent almost $200 million dollars on two roster spots. Ah the way of big market teams...throw boat loads of money at proven players and hope the season works out. Was Johan the Mets savior last year? The answer is no. The Mets did not even make the playoffs and watched their hated division rival go on and win the World Series. With respect to the Mets, they have addressed their biggest issue, which is closing out games. But does money really bring happiness?? Lets ask the Mets cross town rivals, the New York Yankees. Just today the Yanks agreed to terms with the biggest free agent name on the market, C.C. Sabathia. All the Yankees had to do was give C.C. the largest contract ever to be given to a pitcher, at $161 million over 7 years. Just last year the Mets gave out the biggest contract ever given to a pitcher, and one year later it is not only broken by the Yanks, but shattered. It really is sad that one athlete could be paid this much money. But lets ask the Mets and the Yankees how the 2008 playoffs were? Oh right, neither of you graced the postseason, even with your gigantic pocketbooks. Spending the big money may get big names, but it definitely does not always get results. When Johan went to the Mets, my Minnesota Twins had their farm system lit up with prospects. None more promising than Carlos Gomez. Same for the Angels, who got two prospects from the Mets for Rodriguez. Thats what big market teams do. They buy all the proven/aging stars, and give up all their potential talent to small market teams. If this concept interests you, read Moneyball. This way of business,keeps our small market teams young, and usually consistently competitive. Take the Twins, or the Oakland A's. The past 8 years these teams have always been in the mix, and the Twins have been in the post season 4 times. (almost 5, aggghh 2008 White Sox)If I had my choice, I'd choose small market. Undeveloped talent has an unlimited potential. The locker room is not full of overpaid divas or over the hill sluggers, or in most cases both. (see Gary Sheffield) If baseball has shown me anything; its that baseball is about the team, not the individual. Late in the season, teams that bond and work well together thrive. So go ahead Yankees and Mets, keep buying your individuals. My General Manager is trying to build a team.

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