Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just finished watching season 4 of the hit television show LOST, and I cannot wait til season 5 in January. This show which starts and ends every episode the same, with the shows name flashing across the screen. I just started watching the television show weeks ago, and thank god I did. It gave me the chance to watch all the shows in succession without having to wait countless weeks to see what happens.

The show is full of so much suspense, questions, and cliff hangers that I'm not sure I could handle waiting week to week or season to season. Its like a long movie you never want to end. Seriously whoever invented TV series on DVD wins 19 gold coins. Einstein accomplished less than this person in my book. But that person isn't the real hero here. It's the creators of LOST.

Since I got addicted to this show, I know of several other people who felt the need to spend countless hours in a row watching this masterpiece as well. The plots, subplots, characters, the island....It's all one big marvelous mystery. If you have not seen this TV show, waste no more time by not watching it. A favorite website of mine gives you access to almost every TV show ever made. I suggest you check out LOST, right Jeff, Derek, Sean, Allie, Kelly, Rachael, Colleen, and Ricky??? (All people mentioned have just recently realized how awesome this show is. Even my grandma likes it...but it doesn't seem to me like she actually understands it though.)


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